Cameron Vodegel:

Live and breathe what I do .

Creating Music, Films, Crafting Bicycles, Surfboards, Skateboards.

It seems very confusing to most, but this is what artists do, we create. We should never limit ourselves. Growing up with surfers and skateboarders, made a huge impact on who I am. We just do it kinda attitude. Skateboarding has gotten me where I’m at now. Without that board who knows where I would be .

Started playing Drums at the age of 3, playing country rock and blues with my dad. My dad plays guitar and my mother sings. Performing  on stage, clubs , party’s and even weddings . From there I pursued my own style of drumming from jazz, hip hop, reggae, r&b , funk, pretty much everything . All styles go with me I love all types of music .

1440- simmer- ThefutureVillians – The Tinmen- coyote garden – solo artist – studio drummer and many more . My newest band is coyote garden a tree piece rock / funky beat band with nice mellow beats .  I am also  working on my Solo album (Modern Romantics) . Modern Romantics is a new fresh look at old rock, new rock , and future rock with a surf twang. It’s a one man band with each instrument recorded live with minimal editing, that I am currently producing . This album will be out 2017 late summer  currently for skateboarding / surfing lifestyle film .

In 1997 (to present) ,  I began to do commercial work . Acting on several TV shows, soap operas, save by the bell, pacific blue , Sprite, Hollywood video and the list goes on. Over the years I got into stunts as well Doing several commercials , stunts for skateboarding , surfing , and Bmx riding . This has lead me into filmmaking, music director , photographer .

Early 2000 I took skateboarding and surfing to a professional level. Riding for  Harbour surfboards at a professional level,  doing contest and free surfing. Also I really got myself involved with skateboarding on a professional level ,filming kids and pros . This lead to my own skateboard brand, in 2001, (Relaxxed) crafting skateboard decks . Getting involved with sponsorship to kids and also professional skateboarders across the world . In early 2000 I volunteered my time with the city of Cerritos,  designing and developing a free public skateboard park in the regional park of Cerritos, CA, that is currently still there to enjoy by all levels of talent.

Bicycles has always  been a huge part of my lifestyle, starting at age 9 racing Bmx bicycles then building at a bike shop in Cerritos by the age of 13.  I’ve spent 27 years as a Bicycle Mechanic , putting me tru high school and also collage . Working at every shop in  California eventually. Everything from custom road bikes to vintage restorations.  In 2012 I decided to open a bicycle shop . Located in the heart of Longbeach California, called (My bicycle). This has followed with Skateboards and Surfboards and apparel as well. Something about solo sports , it’s all about you and what you’re on, (You ” know what I mean”).

I’m currently searching my limits with my surfboard, skateboard, working on style and progressing my tricks, and contest riding here and there, picking up new sponsors and having fun growing more and more into this lovely lifestyle. My newest trade is shaping surfboards by hand I will be releasing my new brand in 2018. Stay tuned for First model release . I’m also getting back into my acting career with some commercials .

So Cheers to all the talented kids and adults and animals in this world. Don’t ever under estimate  yourself .

Living the Dream:

Cameron Vodegel

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