Custom hand shaped surfboards a brand that I started in 2018 . Vsurfboards. Early 2000’s I started riding professionally for Harbour surfboards in seal Beach California. Rich Harbour and I had a great relationship and still do , talking about shaping and what to change and what to do . I learn a lot from Rich Harbour. Now I take a little bit what my eyes see and learned from Rich Harbour and what I believe in myself as a shaper And take it to another level . My goal is to be original and do retro 70s style Surfboards Single fin , all hand shaped perfection , with super unique colors , outlines , and sizes . I’m not in a hurry it’s a lifestyle and a retirement plan for later on building up my name and the brand and surfing on a professional level.

Shaping my own Surfboards has taken me to a whole different level as a rider .



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